If you make a trip to Italy and is well adventurer, you might be interested in knowing the deepest pool in the world. Call Y-40, having 40 m deep, it is about the size of a building of 13 floors ! The huge tank stolen from Nemo 33 in Belgium, the first position in the ranking - she had "only" 33 m. Prepared by the architect Emanuele Boaretto, the project was carried out in a year.

The location is perfect for professional divers and will also be a source of research for universities and other institutions. Many studies can be performed in relation to the human body resistance of the water pressure. Are 4,300 cubic meters of water at a temperature that is around 32 ° C to 34 ° C. Its structure has platforms at various levels of depth and caves designed for professional training.

The deepest Pool in the World

The largest pool in the world

It measures 1012 meters long and occupies a total area of ​​8 hectares in the resort San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo , Chile . This is the world's largest pool, six times higher than ranked second , FICA in Casablanca, Morocco . If nothing else , OS 115 meters depth make it Also a swimming pool More founded the World.
Located in Chilean territory , and part of a Private Resort, It Is Greater Than 20 pools Olympic size together so great You , in addition to diving, CAN Make kayaking, sailing or even yachting .

The giant pool is the ocean side and sucks the sea water , through a digital system of suction and filtering. In all, you can store 250 million liters of water in this space . The worst and the price : it is estimated that it cost more than $ 1 billion to be built and other $ 2 million will be spent on annual maintenance.

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