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The pool is not only a bowl of water and a large number of different equipment. To provide safe bathing in the pool should be operating normally, filtration system, water heating system, disinfection system, recirculation, etc. An important part of pool equipment are the pumps. They are necessary to ensure constant circulation of the water, for pumping water through filters, for dispensing of chemicals for the operation of the hydromassage system, different rides. When the output of the pump fails, normal operation of the pool becomes impossible. The cost of the new pump is relatively large. Much more profitable is to carry out pool pump repair for swimming pools.

Frequency of filter cleaning depends on the size of the filter and the size of your swimming pool. The average it needs to be disassembled and cleaned is two to three times a year and backwashed monthly. Disassembly is required when pressure rises 8-10 psi above the base line.

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Sell and install filters and pumps for the perfect operation of the equipment.

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