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Incorporated 1925. Established in 1921, Hollywood was christened Hollywood-by-the-Sea by its founder and first mayor, Joseph W. Young of California. Mr. Young had visions of it becoming a movie-making colony, similar to the one in California. 
In less than 100 years, uninhabited Marshland became hum com.br popular tourist destination What calls Business Association Hollywood Beach The unique More na Florida beach Hollywood, Florida, including the Hollywood Beach district, was designed in 1921 hair developer Joseph W. Young. His vision was inspired By Theories About Modern Urban Planning, and IT INTENDED initially Population stabilize around 30,000. Originally Marshes and Forests dense, Hollywood agora is known for its tree-lined avenues, Spanish architecture, parks and beach. operating system limits the initial plan of the City included Hollywood Beach, not far east, and construction of Hollywood Boulevard CREATED A view line deliberate paragraph the beach. Construction  Hollywood Beach's famous 2.5 mile Boardwalk was built in the 1920. This -wide 30 feet runway was built the concrete Breaking and modeled After the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Also During a DECADE 1920 Hollywood Beach became home to the Greater Florida bathing pavilion, a casino $ 250,000 and The Seven Storey Three Million Dollars Hollywood Beach Hotel. According to the Documents and Archives Division of Hollywood, the hotel quickly became a winter home of North Industrial MANY as celebrities que visit, and the site of several of the trendiest More Social Affairs of Hollywood. CHALLENGES Hollywood Beach faced a number of challenges as it grew. On September 18, 1926, a hurricane devastated coastal property and killed dozens of citizens of Hollywood. The setback caused hum to declining values ​​of Population and Property Across Hollywood and took a A revolt by the other Contributors. During World War II, the Hollywood Beach Hotel was used as a training and indoctrination US Naval Academy.

After the war, the Hollywood Beach Hotel was renovated under new management and was soon home to the largest pool and cabana club in the United States, according to the City of Hollywood Records and Archives Division. In 1958, the Diplomat Hotel opened in Hollywood Beach, quickly becoming a new draw for celebrities. The rest of the city's expansion during the post-war period took place in its internal borders, where it was necessary space for a population that exceeds 125,000 by the year 1975. 21st Century today, Hollywood Beach offers many hotels, cafes, shops and restaurants, shower and public toilet, rescue stations and first aid, illuminated paths to walk at night, and a full schedule of festivals, concerts, theater and tournaments . The tour, which now includes a separate bike path was listed in a 2005 article USA Today entitled 10 great places to have fun on a walk by the sea. The article reported that the whole scene is reminiscent of a small town that happens to sit on a beach lined with palm trees, with residents settling on your favorite shady spots.

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No repairs will be made without your approval.

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